Eagles of Fire - ​Affilate 
      Governing Prophet Apostle Blossom Brackman

     Columbia, Maryland
Executive Director, Founder / Statesman
Apostle Blossom is the founder and Executive Director of Eagles of Fire - The 11th-hour Company of Intercessors and Prophets. She is an ordained Prophet and Apostle with a Governmental Anointing and a Kingdom mandate. She is also recognized as a National and International minister to the body of Christ and as an overseer to multiple USA network ministries and Internationally Churches.

Her passion is to become contagious by spreading His Love as she elevates others to expect their best, to break destructive behaviour by teaching identity acceptance in Jesus Christ.  

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Pastor John and Prophetess Stinchomb are ordained ministers under the leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman, They both serve as lead associate Pastors in Columbia evangelizing and displaying the works of God while turning Warriors into Prophetic intercessor Warriors. 

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Pastors John and Jeanette Stinchomb
Pastor John Stinchcomb
Prophetess Jeanette Stinchcomb
Columbia, Maryland
Eagles of Fire
Company of Intercessors and Prophets
Associate Lead Pastors 
Columbia, MD
Maria-Elisa Maki
Seattle Washington

Maria-Elisa Maki is a Ordained Pastor / Prophetess under the leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman. passionate servant of Jesus Christ who believes that there should be no distinction between our secular and spiritual lives. This belief is something that has grown in her, creating an integration of her business and ministry. A motivational speaker and professional writer.

Maria is also the founder of a Christian Non-Profit organization, and the founder/editor/and publisher of an online magazine for women. While her professional experience spans over 20 years, her stint in ministry is a little younger. This covers pastoring a women's prison in the Philippines where she is from and speaking in different engagements and conferences. Lisa is also the author of three Christian books for women.

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Prophets Bill & Pam Ulmer
Navarre, Florida

Prophets Bill and Pam Ulmer are Ordained Prophets under the Leadership of Prophet Chuck Pierce ministries.  They are Eagles of Fire spiritual oversight who have been called to cover Eagles of Fire in prayer as Prophetic Intercessors.

Prophets Bill and Pam Ulmer are Prophet assigned Kingdom Watchers with a Governmental Anointing for the Bride of Christ. They stand together to do the will of the Father on earth in partnership with the Holy Spirit, to resist the attacks of the enemy on behalf of the church, city and the nations. Click here to schedule

                                  APOSTLE / Dr. SANDRA HILL
                            Eagles of Fire House Mother / Associate Pastor

                         Columbia, MD

Doctorate in Theology/Divinity. Masters in Pastoral Care/Counseling

Dr. Sandra Hill is a five fold minister called by God to the awesome mighty work of the Kingdom.
       She loves the Lord with everything within her. She has a strong belief that God has a remnant.
       that is unaware of the call on their lives. Dr Hill believes that we must obey the commission on
       our lives and expose Jesus to the lost that they might be born again and become disciples.
       Dr. Hill is CEO and Founder of "Sandra Hill Ministries", Women of Purpose, Power and Potential
       along with Healing Hearts Ministry. She has also founded and pastored her very own church
       "Power and Destiny Ministries, Inc. for eight years which was a ministry of reconciliation.
       Dr.. Hill has earned a BA in Religious studies, MA in Pastoral Care / Counseling, a MA in Theology..
       In 2015 she earned a Doctorate Degrees in Divinity and Theology. She has taken studies in Pastoral
       Thanatology and grief etc. She has been a hospital chaplain as well a prison chaplain.
       Dr Hill is a true worshipper.allowing God to take her to the next dimension.

Pastor's David and Dr. Shari Cross
Eagles of Fire Ministrials


                                                Inspiring Melodies Incorporated,                                                  Melodies Christian Recording and Melodies Video Productions (www.MelodiesChristian Recording.com).

The Lord has "Called" us to    helpfacilitate,  encourage and  steward the  of Christian Artists while protecting them from distractions to Ministry.
   Zechariah 4:6 and Isaiah 55:8-12 


Alice Renee -Whiteman

Eagles of Fire AFFlLIATE
(Winged Warriors)
Company of Intercessor and Prophets
Pittsburgh, Pa
Apostle Renee Whiteman is an ordained Apostle under Eagles of Fire, under the Leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman
Her passion is to equip and  prepared anointed servant of the Most High God  to serve the nations with compassion, love, and grace and to touch the lives of the Millennial generation so that they may impact future generations.
Cathy Shrock
Prophetess / Pastor

Eagles of Fire
Company of Intercessor and Prophets
Finley, Ohio

 Prophetic Artist  ​​

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                                          SERVING THROUGH ART

[Cathy M. Schock] In November 2005, Cathy realized the Lord’s Spirit was working through her Art pieces, creating changes in atmospheres and restoring people’s lives. In her studio as well as when she travels, she worships and is filled with much joy! Cathy has earned a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Oil Painting and has won numerous awards. Currently, she uses pastels and is exploring mixed media.

Cathy M. Schock, has been an ordained evangelistic minister since 2010. She is known by her deep love, passion, and joy from the Lord! She ministers through painting images, singing, dancing, writing, and speaking encouragement to individuals or groups. A professional photographer encouraged her to produce greeting cards and prints of her work. In March 2010, the Lord broke her heart for children. She has a desire to encourage youth and to partner with those who share her desire to combine Art expressions with God’s Spirit of Love and Truth. “How Great Thou Art” sessions are currently presented to children grades 6 – 12.

She has also been called by God to pray each week for the local staff of the City of Findlay, the Courthouse staff, Hancock County leaders, the Findlay Art League, and local businesses. In 2013, she was invited to host a Bible study held at Marathon Petroleum Inc. each week for about 2 years. She has a desire to establish a House Of Worship in Findlay, Ohio through artists in the Kingdom and designing a “King’s Room” in homes and businesses.

Cathy has an interest as a Christian, to learn and to receive more understanding of the Jewish heritage. She continues to do commissioned works and is in the process of writing a second book called "Good Morning, My Beloved"

The Image Maker Ministry

Eagles of Fire Executive Committee Leader
Company of Intercessor and Prophets
ERIE, Maryland

Executive Assistant to Apostle Blossom Brackman

Camp Dynamite  2018
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Pastor Shari Cuesta is an ordained Pastor, under the Leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman.  With many years in the Body of Christ, she has become a strong prayer intercessor, anointed teacher with the gifts of administration and has been active in all forms of ministry to the bride of Christ. 
Her passion is to remain an anointed servant of 
the Most High God and to serve with compassion, love, and grace and touch the lives of the Millennial generation so that they may impact future generations.
                 Apostle Stacy Stover
                    Philadelphia, PA

                  Stacy Stover Ministeries
 Eagles of Fire Outreach Leader - Philadelphia

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Apostle Stacy Stover is a chosen leader that serves the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Nation area as a
Worshiper of God and u
nder the Leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman with a  passion for souls and to
help lead and commission Eagles to soar with the gift of love straight from the heart.  
               Evangelist John Mercier
                    Columbia, PA

           Eagles of Fire College Outreach

Evangelist Mercier is a Licensed Evangelist under the leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman a chosen Millennial.

Evangelist Mercier passion for souls is contagious where ever he goes, in addition, he carries the gift of the Ministrel and psalmist to speak to the hearts of men that Jesus Christ loves them through his musical ability 
of playing multiple instruments and as he teaches others to soar with the gift of love. 
      Bi-Lingual Pastors Clint and Prophetess Christy Gurule

                Van Buron, Arkansas

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Prophets Clint and Christy Gurule are seasoned warriors as Watchman's on the Wall for the Eagles of Fire Prayer Group under the leadership of Apostle Blossom Brackman. They come with a passion for souls to impart the love of Christ and their love for Jesus.