Eagles of Fire – The 11th Hour Company of Intercessors and Prophets


Prophetic Mandate * A Kingdom Eternal Decree by a Concerta of Prophets Washington D.C. A  FRESH AWAKENING by the Holy Spirit.

Eagle of Fire - The 11th Hour Company of Prophetic Intercessors and Prophets has been called on by the Holy Spirit to be in partnership in His Ministry which was launched September 09, 2016 by
Gov. Apostle Blossom Brackman, Executive Director

Amber flaming fires around the world (Prophetic Oracles) have been waiting for the Call of God to move forward with instruction while being tested and tried by fire as they have held their position in obedience. The trumpet sound of the Lord has been released. The Spirit of John the Baptist and Daniel in governmental places has been released. They will not keep silent. Their lips have been unsealed. Souls are in the balance that have yet to know the gift of Salvation. Sons and Daughters of the  Most High God. Prepare the Bride of Christ. scripture speaks of the train of our Lord that fills the temple, the Bride too has a train which needs to be held by the gifts given to the body of Christ in preparation for the Bridegroom. Let her know that her undergarment or her slip is showing and that she is also slipping, see that her dress is without spot or wrinkle and that she is properly adorned.

Isaiah 1: 1-4- In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. 2 Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3 And one cried to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!”4 And the posts of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cried out, and the house was filled with smoke. (vs 8) Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

February 2016  
- The Vision -
God hand choose two individuals from Pennsylvania that all Nations would learn from them, as they came to sit at their feet with a metaphor of Animals of all kinds with a Large Eagle with outstretched wings over them to protect and guide them. This vision occurred 2 times to each person separately and so the revelation was determined that Apostle Blossom Brackman was THE EAGLE OF FIRE - Then   Fullness of the revelation was revealed.
An Eternal decree was given from the Throne of God to begin a Company of Prophets and Intercessors that have been waiting as Amber Fire for the Clarion Call. During this time intercessors that were met along the way as we waited for the Holy Spirit release began with a prophetess from Philadelphia as she shared her experience of the phenomenon of the NUMBER 11. many others began to do the same. Visions or time, etc the number 11. We realized that the intercessors that are having this phenomenon are those are called for the 11th hour before the doors are closed for eternity. So we adapted the 11th hour in our name. So we now had a name that spoke of the body of Christ.  Eagles of Fire – The 11th-hour Company of intercessors and Prophets.

September 2016
We were then sent to the Holiday Ross Inn behind the Pentagon to meet and to talk about the vision. As we ended our time together to say goodbye in the lobby area. The Spirit of the Lord came with such a force that he froze us all in the Front lobby while other watched on. His word to us was this. “That we were to return to this hotel the following year because “THE EAGLES ARE COMING” So the Lord gave Apostle Blossom Brackman the date September 23, 2017 not realizing the significance.Following the Move of the Holy Spirit Ministry, he had us wait until October 2016 to announce Eagles of Fire. A Facebook and Website was then established while we waited. Now we had to look for a place for the Eagles to gather. We found a campsite, but each door would close so we turned over our donations to them.

January 2017
Then a door opened to Eagle of Fire at the Westchester Community Center with an attendance of 5-7 people in number. We knew we had to be obedient and we knew we were not going to stay long because we saw a bigger picture. So we signed a contract for 4 months but in the 3rd month!!! Hallejuah!!!

March 2017
On the 3rd month March 2017 we were released from our contract because God had given and supplied a large gift for His Eagles, more than we ever would have dreamed of.One day the Lord spoke to Apostle Blossom Brackman concerning a building she passed by daily to go into to ask for what she wanted thou she sought her eyes on another church. Within 3 days she received the keys to the new place the Holy Spirit wanted us to gather to give us a stable home so we could gather at a place which is  now our Eagles of Fire home for the Holy Spirit Ministry which is called (The Anointing House)  At the  New Hope Lutheran Church in King Contrivance, Columbia Maryland. Truly this was a gift from the Lord. Now we hold Monthly Eagles of Fire directed by the Holy Spirit.

April through September 2017
Since we have been in our new home 4 pastors with multiple gifts have been licensed and ordained. Prophetess Sharon Simpson, John and Jeanette Stinchcomb, Prophet Richard Cannon, Jr. Multiple affiliates has also come alongside Eagles of Fire Manifestation of the Prophecy Revealed 1 year later at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn Alexandria Virginia, 1 st Annual Event  (Behind the Pentagon) Sunday 09/20 - 09/24, 2017. States Present: Florida, Philadelphia, Maryland, Washington D.C. Ohio Virginia, Harrisburg, Pa, Washington State, Oklahoma.

Wed evening, September 20, 2017
I arrived at the American Trust house associated with the Israel Embassy. My first stop was their God Room where intercessors from around the world come to pray for the Love and protection of Israel. During my stay, I meet the sweetest daughter of the Lord. Her name is EVE! Her story had you in awe as she shared her encounters and that she was always called an Eagle and that our Company of Eagles, Intercessors and Prophets coming was a request that she had prayed. She had prayed for re-enforcement. This not only confirmed that this evening and event was ordained by God but that we were in the perfect will of the movement of the Holy Spirit in alignment with the Eagles of Fire mandate on the Hill of Washington D.C. The Balance of the evening was spent in the God Room.

Thursday, September 21
The next morning a full 8 European place set was laid for a continental breakfast while guest began coming. Right in the living room was a Chair from the Estate of former Presidents George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. You were left surreal as you considered the history of our great Country the United States. Preparation continued for the next day. Everyone settled in their rooms and met in the God room for prayer for the Saturday, September 23, 2017 event.  Worship broke out each and every time in His tangible presence. (The breakout song) You are Holy God! You are Holy! You are righteous God, you are Holy! As our Eagles flew in with their luggage some began to begin prayer walk and get themselves familiar with the streets and surrounding area until the purposed destination.

Friday morning, September 22
Received a full European continental breakfast. To the White House for 9:00 am. We were picked up by an Ethiopian driver after ministering to him, he asked could he Sings. When he said “I am a Blessed Man” and as he began to sing the Spirit of the Lord filled our Uber we all began praising God so much so we lost track where we were going, had to make a U-Turn and ended up at the wrong side of the White House. Chuckle!  We still made it and other Eagles that was to meet us at the White House arrived at the same appointed Time. After the White House tour, everyone took time to be separate and pray until Friday evening for supper. Guest began to arrive and waited in the open long guest waiting room before being seated for dinner While waiting for everyone to be seated we came together in prayer on bended knees.  Sabbath Service was given by Stephen and Mary Ann Lewis from Jacksonville Florida.

Saturday, September 23
The Eternal Mandate of a Chorus of Prophets. Morning Session: Special Guest: Pastor of Intercessors of Capitol Hill, Ruth Mizell, National Embassy Tour, Pastor Jeff Wright, Dr Rick Saccone, PA State Representative, Running for Senate Seat. In GOD WE TRUST – Motto, Dr Ginger Cornwell, Saxophone special, Apostle/ Prophet Minstrel Nathaniel III, PA, Pastor/ Prophetess Mari Elisa – Maki, WA. Prophetess Sharon Simpson, Eagles Intercessor. Chaplain Pierre Bynum, Family Research Council, DC. Evening 7 pm Session – Intercessory Prayer, Eagles of Fire Declaration, Concerta of Prophets, Impartation of Governmental Anointing for the Nation, Governmental, Kingdom Alliance with a prophetic Charge to go forth.
EAGLES OF FIRE 2016-2017 Affiliates
Ghana Africa – Apostle Vincent Anowie
Sierre, Leone, Africa – Apostle Solomon Quincy-tucker
California: In God We Trust America - To display our National
Motto – Jacquie Sullivan. PA State Rep Rick
Harrisburg, Pa: Pastor Dean Nelson (Statesman School) – Family Research Council
Washington State: Step Out, Prophetess / Pastor Maria Maki
Ohio: Finley and Columbus  - Art of my Beloved - Intercessor Cathy Shrock
Philadelphia – Prophet Nathaniel Coe III and Prophetess Mia Duckett
Florida, Jacksonville: - Oneness – Apostle Linda Chancellor 
Virginia: Debra Alexander – W.I.T.H. Purpose Ministry
Virginia: Carmel Ethiopian Evangelical Church – Pastor Mulumebet Seib
Maryland - Television recording Artist - 
Dr. Ginger Cornwell - Ginger Sax Ministry
Maryland – Lupus Support Group –
Dr. Ginger Cornwell
Maryland – Healing School – Prophet Richard Cannon Jr.
Maryland -  Men of Sovereign Authority, Pastor John Stinchcomb
Maryland – Women of Sovereign Authority – Bathing behind the Veil
Maryland – Food Distribution – Hope Lutheran Church
Maryland - Baltimore Outreach - Prophetess Sharon Simpson
Maryland - Letter Writing - Prophetess Jeanette Stinchcomb
Maryland, Jessup - Prison Ministry - Apostle Sandra Hill
Maryland  - The Millennial
Disciplies - Evangelist John Mercier
Maryland -  ImageMakers Media, Pastor Shari Cuesta
Washington D.C. – USA Global Leadership Council -  Reuben Egolf
Washington D.C. - Jericho Wall 
Washington D.C.  - Embassy Tour - Pastor Jeff Wright
Washington D.C. Eagles of Fire –
Israel , American Christian Trust
Washington D.C. -   Family Research Council, Chaplain Pierre Bynum
Governmental Authority
States Present: Florida, Philadelphia, Maryland, Washington D.C. Ohio
Virginia, Harrisburg, Pa, Washington State, Oklahoma.
Sierre Leon, Africa
Ghana, Africa, California.

First, I want to thank God for choosing each of us for this assignment. All Honor and Glory and Praise to you. Oh! Lord.Second, I want to thank Prophetess Paloma and Pastor Edwin Rios for their help in the last year for what they brought forth in their love for Christ during the plowing of the New Ground of Eagles of Fire - The 11th hour Company of Intercessors and Prophets. We desire your continued advancement in the Kingdom of God thou you both no longer serve as Eagles of Fire Leaders. You will be greatly missed. I also want to thank Prophetess Mia Duckett from Philadelphia that stood in the Gap among other intercessors in warfare as our first Eagles of Fire 11th hour Prophetic intercessor since its conception.Third, I also want to thank all our Eagles of Fire Advisory Teams, affiliates and Intercessors including Licensed or Ordained Ministers as Eagle of Fire that has been diligent as Glory Carriers and especially all our volunteers.To God be All the Glory!

November 11, 2017
Eagles of Fire travelled to Lynchburg, VA, to participate in The Gathering with Apostle Debra Alexander. The theme was Seeing the Voice of God. Representing Eagles of Fire were Apostle Blossom Brackman, Pastor/Prophetess Sharon Simpson, Prophet Richard Cannon, and Minister Shari Cuesta. The Holy Spirit ministered in a very powerful way to all who were present. We worshipped the Lord through singing, dance, flags, prayer, the Word, the shofar, and prophetic impartation.We were especially impressed to hear and receive the word through Pastor Robin, a local pastor who partners with Apostle Debra. She spoke about the difference between sight and seeing. The Lord ministered a very significant word to her personally during the service.We also received a message from the Lord as given through Pastor/Prophetess Sharon Simpson: “Don’t compromise your destiny!” We closed the service with a time of personal prophetic impartation, followed by a time of fellowship with the believers.

December 1, 2017
Eagles of Fire was pleased to participate in feeding the homeless in partnership with New Hope Lutheran Church. Representing Eagles of Fire were Apostle Blossom Brackman, Pastor Sharon Simpson, Pastor John Stinchcomb, and Pastor Jeanette Stinchcomb.We served dinner, packed lunches for the following day, and aided in helping the men and women with personal hygiene.

December 2, 2017
Eagles of Fire, represented by Minister Shari Cuesta, travelled to the Washington Monument prayer altar to intercede along with Jericho Prayer Movement (JPM). After our time of prayer and intercession, we met together with the other JPM members who had been praying at ten additional prayer altars around the city of Washington DC. During the time of fellowship, we heard prayer reports from representatives at the eleven prayer altars. The main theme was that of unity, which was significant, given that there were Korean, black, and white represented at JPM. Pastor Sharon Lee is the senior pastor of International Calvary Church, a Korean church in Springfield, VA. She continued to impress upon us the theme of unity. Pastor Sharon and Dr Corinthia Boone, the organizers of JPM, were very pleased that Eagles of Fire is coming alongside of JPM to pray on the first Saturday morning of every month. After the JPM prayer service, Eagles of Fire participated in the Prayer for Transformation National Capital Region at Montgomery Faith Fellowship in Gaithersburg, MD. Pastor John Wenck excitedly welcomed Eagles of Fire. We spent time interceding for the government, racial unity, and many more relevant issues that affect our communities and the body of Christ.

Eagles of Fire at the USA Global Leadership Council, Liaison Hill Hotel, Capitol Hill
Wednesday, December 12 – Arrived at the bed and breakfast behind the Israel Embassy then travelled to the Liaison Hotel Washington DC Capitol Hill where the USA Global Leadership Council was held. First day: Conference registration, icebreaker, meet and greet.  

Thursday, December 15 – Took an Uber to the USGLC event and prepared for special guests that were arriving. Dr. Reuben Egolf, the Chairman and host, announced 30 guest visas were rejected that were scheduled at the event due to the new ban on immigration into the USA.I will be working with Senator Richard Black and Actress Carla Ortiz concerning Syria. After the conference, which ended at 4:30 pm, I scheduled a meeting with a wonderful friend and intercessor from Australia at the Trump Plaza Hotel for supper, and then I was invited to Midnight Cry open celebration at the new Bible Museum. Walking into the museum it was amazing; you could still smell the fresh paint.

Here are a few new friends. Sen. Richard Black, Virginia. Mr. Kelly Wright - Peace Advocate, Renown Journalist, Fox News Anchor Journalist, Actress Carla Ortiz, Sec. Gen. of HRIC Rafal Wasik, Ms. Faouzia Elhouni, Libya strategic studies, security and military and International business lawyer and peace advocate Stephan Doukhopelnikoff residing now in Burundi representation, Festus Keyamo Chambers. Human Rights Activist, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Atilade olufemi Oshoniyi, Syria. Mauritania, and many more.
Friday, December 16 – The last day of the conference ended with Living Life by Design - Founders Dr. Barry Lenhardt & Dr. Tina Hayended. 

Saturday, December 17 – Revisited the Bible Museum where the Midnight cry event was being held on the sixth floor that looked out over the Capitol Hill.  Communion, marriage covenants were renewed and recommitment to the state that we are called to pray as we said yes coming under a huppa. Following the event, I in turn went back on a tour of the Bible Museum to get a better tour of the building. So much to see and do. I will need to return again.  

December 30, 2017
The Eagles of Fire New Year Celebration was a joyous time of praise, worship, prayer, intercession, and exhortation We commissioned Licensed Evangelist John Mercier and the Millennial Disciples and ordained Pastor Shari Cuesta. We also have an Eagles of Fire “Mother of the House,” Apostle Sandra Hill.

The Word of the Lord for 2018 is RE-FIRE!


January 6, 2018
Eagles of Fire, represented by Apostle Blossom Brackman and Pastor Shari Cuesta, attended the Jericho Prayer Movement at International Calvary Church. We participated in prayer for our city and nation and then fellowshipped with the believers.

January 13, 2018
Eagles of Fire travelled to Jacksonville, FL, to participate in Oneness Ministry. In the morning, we joined together in street ministry, feeding and praying with the homeless. In the evening, Apostle Blossom ministered on “Reigniting the Fire” to a congregation that represented many nations. Overseer Linda Chancellor and Prophetess Maria Soto coordinated this event.

February 3, 2018
Sandra Hill’s Event: Nullify the Contract – Tear It Down!
Apostle Blossom Brackman was the speaker. Praise and worship and psalmist brought forth the heart of God, then Apostle called the body to kneel in unity. Topic Apostle Blossom brought forth was that in order to nullify the contract and in order to tear it down, first we must focus on our personal prejudices and walking in a spirit of indifference against culture diversity and prejudices, even judging God in His house of prayer.
(Scripture: Acts 10 - The house of Cornelius calls for Peter to come to his house.)

Love must be the abiding factor. For by the grace of God, THERE GO I.  Prophetic activations were done in unity to reverse contracts. The prophetic presbytery was given with co-assistance of Prophet Richard Cannon of Eagle of Fire. Healing was brought forth by a team: Prophet Richard Cannon and Chris and Darnice Wohlgemuth. A woman that was suffering from cancer received healing from pain and others that were suffering. The night was closed with the presence of God and the anointing for the End Times.

February 10, 2018
Eagles of Fire launched out into Philadelphia, PA! Our initial meeting was at a community centre. We began with a time of intercession and warfare to break through the oppression that pervaded through the community. We moved into a time of worship and prophetic ministry for those who were in attendance. Representing Eagles of Fire were: Apostle Blossom Brackman, Apostle Sandra Hill, Pastor John Stinchcomb, Pastor/Prophetess Jeanette Stinchcomb, Paul Christian prophet Richard Cannon, Pastor Shari Cuesta, and Evangelist John Mercier

February 28, 2018
Eagles of Fire launched the Congressional Women of Sovereign Authority’s “Beauty to Behold: Ambassadors of Freedom!” Carol Gummere prayed over the gathering. We came together with other women to discuss “Who is the Woman of Sovereign Authority?” We then participated in a video and discussion surrounding the issue of human trafficking. Many women expressed interest in staying involved in this poignant women’s movement. These women were commissioned by prayer and prophetic utterance through Prophet Richard Cannon and the presbytery.

March 10, 2018
Eagles of Fire has a new home in Philadelphia, PA! Old Pine Community Center by Penns Landing is a landing place to rest awhile for the Holy Spirit’s Eagles. To God be All the Glory!

March 24, 2018
Eagles of Fire launched intercessory prayer for Forged in Fire. At that time, we were introduced to a South African choir that will be assisting us in a human slavery event. Forged in Fire intercessory prayer will meet monthly.

March 28, 2018
“Breathe on Me Breath of God” Eagles of Fire blog talk radio was relaunched! Hosted by Apostle Blossom and co-hosted by Minister Malia Neale, blog talk radio occurs weekly on Wednesdays.

March 31, 2018
Eagles of Fire celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord with The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus and communion. Flag ministry was given by Apostle Blossom Brackman and Mother Sandra Hill.
We received the word of the Lord for the month as given through Apostle Blossom. This is a season of open doors and manifestations. Get ready for tidal waves of revelation in which we restore the knowledge of obedience and the spirit of holiness.

April 14, 2018
Eagles of Fire - Please welcome Marque Moses and Tyrone Ayers to Eagles of Fire Philadelphia. It was awesome! You just had to be there. Following our Eagles of Fire gathering, walked down a popular street called South Street by Penns Landing. Streets packed with souls and Millennium future disciples, then following spent time walking the streets, looking to see the territory he has given us and then stopped to have a Philadelphia Cheese Steak. (This is like a little New York Strip). I thought about Jesus how he walked through the crowds of people and they did not even know he was amongst them. I then was able to minister to a staff at the Cheesesteak joint. At first, she was really rude because she was exhausted and so, by the Holy Spirit I loved on her. Following she showed up at our table unannounced, but I knew what she wanted! So I was able to bless her again and then prayed for her. She left satisfied. Looking forward to returning on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at 4pm.To God be All the Glory! 

April 28, 2018
Beauty to Behold Gathering.  Discussed our part that we can play as ambassadors. Beauty to Behold new coordinator Alysia Aaron. Prophet Richard moved in miracles. 

May 11-12, 2018
Seattle, Washington: Forged in Fire Conference with Prophetess Maria Maki Step Out International. Pastor Shari Cuesta first time doing billows.  Holy Spirit did a work in all our lives and some took their position in the body of Christ. 

Walked down main street with Evangelist Jason Maki as he carried a big black cross up and down the street.  Looking forward to returning to close down an alley way and have outreach street ministry next year.

May 19, 2018
Apostle Sandra Hill: Clarion Call for Warriors gathering.  There were three speakers.  The words of the hour were: Wounded Warriors; ​our Heart issue; Fear Not God is with thee; the Authority of God in us.  Activation was done by Apostle Blossom to Pastor Vickie Hawkins from Baltimore, MD.  The sword of Solomon was placed on her back.  Holy Spirit also networked many different people together.  Pastor John Stinchcomb did the communion.

​May 20, 2018
EOF Prison Ministry - Launched with Apostle Blossom ​​and Mother Sandra Hill. What an experience. The Spirit of the Lord manifested himself. You just had to be there.

​May 23-25, 2018
Eagles of Fire was present on Capitol Hill at the Watchmen on the Wall conference, the national pastors’ event held by Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington D.C. FRC is a Washington, DC based non-profit ministry focused on shaping public policy and informed civic activism There was excitement in the air because of the changes seen in government and a strong clarion call for pastors across the nation to make a difference in their community.
I was privileged to meet the Brenham Twin Brothers and Dr.  Kenyn M. Cureton, Vice President of FRC. I was able to pray for the President of FRC, Tony Perkins, and his wife. Enjoyed the short fellowship of Rev. Pierre Bynum and Pastor Jeff Wright. There were many speakers, but we were left with the surprise last guest speaker: United States Vice President Pence.The room exploded with cheers and encouragement, hope for a foreseen better future. I was left with a story the Vice President spoke about.  He shared about the Bible Museum's opening in Washington D.C.; the museum requested Vice President Pence to ask President Trump for a Bible to donate to the Museum. He then met the President in the Oval office and was given a Bible from President Trump – his mother’s Bible with her notes. This was quite moving.  Now the Trump family legacy sits in the Bible Museum in Washington D.C.  
In summary, joining other pastors from around the nation brought a great revival in our heart as the Vice President encouraged us to continue to walk with God.  I was left with these words that now ring in my ears as I continue to walk with Jesus Christ.  "STAND FIRM!” Stand firm on His Word. Rev. Pierre Bynum, FRC Chaplain and
National Prayer Director.

Rev. Pierre Bynum serves as Chaplain and National Prayer Director for the Family Research Council, working with FRC’s president, Tony Perkins and Vice President for Church Ministries, Dr. Kenyn Cureton, helping to lay and maintain a foundation of biblical prayer, critical to success in FRC’s mission to defend and advance life, faith, family, freedom and righteousness in government. Pierre oversees FRC's chapel program and speaks to churches and pastors' groups on prayer, Christian citizenship, God and government, and similar themes. As liaison to the growing prayer movement, Pierre produces FRC's weekly prayer team targets; and oversees other prayer publications and activities, including weekly and monthly prayer meetings for leaders, and FRC’s annual Call2Fall, which promotes and facilitates a church-wide response to 2 Chr 7:14 on the Sunday before Independence Day.

June 2, 2018
While praying at the Monument in Washington DC with Jericho Prayer Movement, two homeless gentlemen were present, Harvey and Billy. We were able to minister to their physical and spiritual needs.

July 6-7, 2018
Winged Warriors – Pittsburgh, PA
Arrived on Friday evening in Pittsburgh, PA, at Renee Whiteman's home and went out for supper. We all were super charged up for the following day event. I was accompanied by Pastor Shari Cuesta.   The next morning, we meet at the township center where the event was being held and had a morning service to ordain Renee Whiteman as an Apostle for her ministry, Winged Warriors, as an affiliate.  Her leaders and her parents were present and received a blessing as they stood with their leader. Prophet Richard Cannon ministered for miracle healing.
Winged Warriors is now official.   EOF present from Columbia MD: Apostle Sandra Hill, Prophet Richard Cannon, Apostle Rose Randolph, Pastor Shari Cuesta. The second part of the service was a worship experience and it was very joyful and the Holy Spirit just rested upon us. Apostle Renee Whiteman was now left with a sword of Solomon from Apostle Blossom with a charge. I was also left with a memory that will always stay with me. 
The Holy Spirit called out a young lady that had been seeking a father’s blessing.  There was a man in the crowd that pulled on my heart and asked him if he would give her a father’s blessing.  When he came up I asked him if he knew her.  He said, “Yes!” to my amazement. He stated she babysat for him and she was always in his home, and he saw her as a daughter. Here the Holy Spirit chose a man that she so desired to be blessed by and then God made it happen for her. Guess what? She received her father’s blessing. After service there was networking and relationships being built. “Wow!” is all I can say.
July 8-13, 2018
Falling Waters, WV
Pastor Shari Cuesta co-directed Camp Dynamite, a program for children and youth in low-income communities. On the first night, all of the campers gave their hearts to Christ. They were back at the altar throughout the week in tears, as the Spirit was healing them of hurts and abuses. One young boy heard the voice of God whisper to him, “I forgive you.” A young girl was healed of abuse that took place when she was seven years old.

July 14, 2018
Eagles of Fire – Columbia, MD
Its Saturday morning. To tell you the truth, just plum tired. Working night shift to help with a young woman that is on maternity leave, my sleeping pattern is all mixed up.  Feels like jet lag.  I said to the Lord, “Must I go? I will pay the fee for the room.” The Lord says, “Just show up.” Halfway to Philly, I had to stop at a rest stop and take in a 30-minute power nap for this was my sleep time and the gathering started at 4 pm.On my arrival, my friend Mr. Moses was not there; instead I was met by a man named Henry who was very helpful but distant. He asked me what Eagles of Fire was all about. My response was short and I shared with him that he would be having dreams and to make good choices.  I then went to our meeting room and fell on my knees and prayed.  For the first hour I taught on prophetic gifts on Facebook Live and then as soon as I said goodbye and ended the Live session, God sent four more people who were drawn by His Spirit – two that were at a library, another by Internet and of course Henry got off the clock and stayed the whole service :) All four decided that they wanted what we have and are bringing their friends to the next gathering on August 11. Ministered to all four.  They were left with joy. Key prophetic words: Joy is your Portion

July 28, 2018
Eagles of Fire – Columbia, MD
Apostle Jackie Miller ministered at our Eagles of Fire Concerta on Healing, Miracles, Signs, and Wonders. It was an intimate, private gathering, anointed by the Holy Spirit, where she released the blessing for healing and miracles on each person who was present.

August 5-10, 2018
Falling Waters, WV
Pastor Shari Cuesta co-directed Camp Dynamite, a camp for 11 to 16-year-olds from low income areas. Many came to Christ or re-dedicated their lives. Several were delivered from suicide and abuse, and went home with decisions to make changes in their lives.

August 11, 2018
Eagles of Fire – Philadelphia, PA
Delayed but always on time. Message: Soul ties to pastor causes us to lose our course and it is really a spirit of control. Pastor John and Prophetess Jeanette Stinchomb, and Prophet Richard Cannon accompanied Apostle Blossom to Eagles of Fire Philadelphia. Special Guests in Worship: Apostle Stacy Stover, Prophetess Debra Mosley-McCray, and Tyrone Ayers.  Men’s Presbytery: Prophet Richard Cannon, Tyrone Ayers, Apostle Bradlee Hart (from Seattle, Washington), and Pastor John Stinchcomb. Fellowship followed.  What a time in the Lord. I was so blessed to see the Lord’s hand move in such a beautiful way. To God be all the Glory!

Eagles of Fire: August 22-23, 2018 Capitol Hill White House Chronicles Update
Wednesday, August 22
Eagles of Fire was welcomed by Dean Nelson, Douglas Leadership Institute at the Arlington Court Suites in Arlington, Virginia. Travelled then to The Heritage Foundation located on Massachusetts Ave NE in Washington D.C  in the Van Andel Room. The topic of discussion: Policy Analyst, Fiscal Policy, Roe Institue for Economic Policy Studies.

Thursday, August 23
Rayburn House Office Building: 45 Independence Ave S.W. Washington D.C. Legislative Briefing - Executive Director Katie Doherty: Values Action Team, Director Richard Youngblood Center for Faith-based and Neighbourhood Partnerships, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Director Jonathan Alexandre: Liberty Counsel Action on Public Policy

Family Research Council located at 801 G St. N.W Washington D.C.  -  Director Patrice Mosley: life culture and women's advocacy White House Executive Briefing - White House / Old Exec Bldg 1650 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington D.C. 20504.  We were briefed by two of  President Trump’s executive branch cabinet members. Topics: Prison Reform, Tax Incentives, Domestic Policy, Religious Liberty, Pro Life.  I was left more grounded why the Holy Spirit formed Eagles of Fire and why I was present as a representative for the Holy Spirit Ministry.  I was able to also network with two former White House staff cabinet members that Eagles of Fire will be working with and other pastors and influential leaders in collaboration coming together to be world changers for the kingdom of God. 
Eagles of Fire Governmental Council will begin to select godly leaders in preparation for government officials. We have been called to carry the Daniel anointing.

Eagles of Fire Annual Event: Forged in Fire
September 28-29, 2018
This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Our annual event was held on Fri – Sat, September 28-29, 2018, which left us all redefined with purpose and an understanding of our calling and Kingdom Assignment. Each Eagles of Fire Columbia Team member received their team member ID. Eagles of Fire lapel pins where distributed to show our unity.
Sept 28, 2018 - Friday evening was filled with an awesome worship experience headed by Prophet David Isaiah Jenkins’ ministry called OPEN HEAVEN, exhortation by Pastor Malia Neale and a short open mic testimony service was opened to the audience. Prophetic utterance by Apostle Anita Singh.
Sept 29,2018 - Saturday morning started with an embassy prayer tour of Washington D.C. with Pastor Jeff Wright. Four workshops were available.  Pastor David Scott focused on the Worship Experience, Prophets Bill and Pam Ulmer did the Mens and Womens workshops that expounded on the 10 “M’s” for character development as ministers.  Prophetic artistry painting with Prophetess Cathy Schock.
At 2 pm, orientation was given to all those that were going to be licensed and ordained by Pastor Shari Cuesta and Apostle Blossom Brackman.  At 3 pm, the Licensing service was first opened with worship by Prophet David Isaiah Jenkins. Eagles of Fire Columbia Maryland Team recognized our Eagles of Fire Spiritual leaders: Rev. Pierre Bynum and his wife, Prophets Bill and Pam Ulmer, and Pastor Jeff Wright with a certificate of appreciation and a Solomon sword.
Ordained and licensed are the following: Apostle Anita Singh, Apostle Stacy Stover, Prophet David Isaiah Jenkins, Pastor David Scott and Prophetess and Pastor Dr. Sherry Scott, Prophetess Catherine Schock, Pastor Malia Neale.  
Surprise recording artist Mbasekei Ayomobi attended and gave two selections to honor Pastor David and Sherry Scott. At the end of the licensing service, we were met with a wonderful surprise by Prophet David Isaiah Jenkins as he sang a love song to his girlfriend and then asked her hand in marriage as he placed a ring on her finger but also brought her under this tallit he had received a year before by Apostle Blossom Brackman as a Priest of Praise.  What an explosion.  Not one eye was dry.  It was the cherry on top of what had already been spiritually high that evening. This also activated prayer for married couples as well.  The Team then came around the young new couple to bless their new life together. Eagles of Fire lapel pins where also distributed. Following in the fellowship hall was dinner with the help of our Eagles of Fire Mother Apostle Sandra Hill which gave time to all guests for fellowship and networking while Prophet Richard Canon on the other side of the room moved in miracles.

7 pm service was opened by Melodies Café worship experience Pastors David and Sherry Scott and later with special music.  Communion was given by Pastor Shari Cuesta and her husband José Cuesta. Words of exhortation and prophetic word from the Lord for the hour was given by Pastor Shari Cuesta, Prophet Jeanette Stinchomb, Pastor John Stinchomb, Prophet Richard Cannon and Apostle Blossom Brackman. Special music by José Cuesta.  Following was Prophetic Worship dance by Apostle Stacy Stover: “This is How I Fight My Battles.” The Holy Spirit rocked the house with that song.  Christian Rap artist Mr. Carlton Neale closed us out.

October 20, 2018
Eagles of Fire – Columbia, MD
Healing and Miracles Service with Prophet Richard Cannon. WOW! Healing took place. A Prophet was also commissioned. To God be the Glory! Want to thank Prophet Richard Cannon, Pastor Shari Cuesta, Pastor Malia Neale. One word that came forward was - RE-DIRECT...Those words rang throughout the evening. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

October 27, 2018
Eagles of Fire – Columbia, MD
Word of the Lord:  For My Name Sake! Prophetic Instructions
We are to be watchmen at the gates of the church for the Bride of Christ.  Scripture Reading: Book of Hosea. and Malachi 2

December 29, 2018
Eagles of Fire and Melodies Recording Artist came together to celebrate the New Year together.  Prophet words was released by Apostle Blossom. Word: “ Just Show Up” and the word of the Lord for he year  2019.

January 12, 2019
Ezekiel School of the Holy Spirit was launched in Philadelphia.  Three people joined Eagles of Fire. What I also noticed are the men are rising up under the Holy Spirit. More men are coming in under EOF Men of Sovereign Authority in Action.  Apostle Bradlee Hart and Prophet Richard have begun to head up the men's ministry and others to follow. Can't wait to see what God is doing here.

The class lectures were lead by teachers Apostle Stacy Stover (topic: Prophetic Movement); Prophet-elect Tyrone Ayers (topic: Prophetic Worship); Prophet Richard Cannon (topic: Miracle, Signs and Wonders and your tongue); and Governing Apostle Blossom Brackman (topic: The Purpose of the Prophetic). Deliverance, healing, and activation took place, fellowship following. Left drunk in love with Jesus. Looking forward to the next Module.  Will take a look at time constraints.